5 website predictions for 2017

5 Website Predictions For 2017

Trends to know about: 1. Faster mobile browsing via AMP. Roll-out of Accelerated Mobile Pages – an industry collaboration building fast-loading web pages across multiple platforms and devices. 2. More mobile purchasing: Three out of every 10 e-commerce purchases are via mobile and numbers are set to grow. 3. Rise of the Chatbot. Apple’s Siri, […]

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3 New Year’s Resolutions For Websites

The start of a new year is a good time to take stock and make changes. And it’s the perfect time for websites – as well as waistlines – to get in shape, E.A.T properly and be more sociable.

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Brexit: Keep Calm & Carry On Marketing

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU has caused uncertainty for businesses large and small. Whatever the future holds, experts agree that now is NOT the time to cut back on marketing your products and services. Instead, peg your spend but make sure every £ delivers. Good business intelligence will guide your decision-making – is yours up to date?

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Google Grants For UK Charities

Free advertising on Google for non-profits One of the lesser-known benefits that Google offer charities is the Google Grants scheme. Through this program charities and non-profit organisations can get up to $10,000 USD (around £6,000) of free AdWords advertising every month. With Google now claiming to process over 40,000 search queries every second your charity and its […]

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facebook reaction gif

Facebook “Reactions” Update

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg announced the world wide launch of Reactions — the new Like button with extra ways of showing your emotions.

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New Google map listings

Google drop a bomb on local business

As of Friday the 7th August Google made a significant change to their search results. Instead of having the traditional 7 businesses represented in the local search results, there are NOW only 3.

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