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Our continuous improvement programme for new or existing websites

Proactive Sitecare

Our flexible website improvement and support service protects and maximises your website investment, by taking responsibility for improving website performance and your website updates.

The service is suitable for both new and existing websites. Elements can be cherry-picked to create a tailored package that suits your individual requirements, budget and growth plans.

The majority of websites in our care are built using WordPress, and we also support other PHP applications like Laravel, Drupal, Django, Magento, and Shopify sites can also be managed.

We split our service into three distinct areas but it’s all very flexible.

  • ‘Protect’ takes care of your website security which includes keeping your website up to date to protect against hacks and attacks. Find out more about our protect website maintenance services.
  • ‘Learn’ includes all of the protect services plus feeds you important data and insight into the user behaviour and effectiveness of your website.
  • ‘Growth’ provides a continuous website improvement programme that includes adapting to search algorithm changes, improving or adding new features, A/B testing ideas, changes in user behaviour, content, conversion optimisation and more…

Service Levels


From £99/month


From £299/month


From £599/month

Technical Support

Application & plugin updates

We will take care of your website updates strategically to ensure they are always up to date and never affect your site.

Bug fixing & problem resolution

We take bug fixing and problem resolution seriously, which means any issues will be dealt with as a priority. You will also have access to our support ticketing system to enable you to track issues when convenient to you.

Proactive security management

Your site security is a top priority to us. We have robust security tracking systems in place to ensure if any security issues are spotted, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently, with no impact to your business.

Web Application Firewall

We employ best practice security techniques, and all our servers have software firewalls. We use best in class security and harness Cloudflare and Stack Path services to add extra levels of security and protection.

Backup, monitoring & alerts

We go the extra mile to offer our customers peace of mind that your site or application is proactively supported and monitored using Google Analytics alerts, uptime robots, daily incremental backups, advanced reports, and various other tools.

Account management

Monthly strategy meeting

We stand shoulder to shoulder to support you in creating and delivering your strategy as a true partner should. At the monthly strategic meeting we will review progress toward your goals and suggest recommendations needed to adjust to market conditions, keeping you on track to drive business growth.

Advanced monthly visitor & goal tracking reports

There are no standard reports here. All reports are tailored to monitor the data that is vital to your business. These help us assist you in spotting opportunities and threats to adjust to.

Market, competition & performance monitoring

We know understanding your Macro and Microenvironment is vital to informing your strategy. Our market intelligence will support you in making strategic pivots where needed to help you maintain and grow your market share.

Proactive recommendations

We provide you with the data and proactively look for opportunities and make recommendations based on the data, of ways to improve your marketing to make it more effective.

Continuous Improvement

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We look for ways to improve the conversion rate of your site. This could be through adding new features, simplifying your conversion path, or adding in new inbound marketing tactics. Solutions are tailored to your business and target audience to increase conversions.

Performance optimisation

Your sites speed and performance can significantly impact user experience, engagement, conversion, and search performance. Therefore, we constantly monitor for areas of improvement that can be developed to improve your site performance.

Search engine marketing

We help you get to grips with the complex elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and work with you to build your online presence as a key player in your marketplace. Our SEO services include organic SEO, local SEO & technical SEO solutions to help you achieve your search goals.

Content strategy and content creation

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. Our expert team can craft a content strategy and the content itself that will build expertise, authority, and trust (EAT) for your website, increasing your visibility and resulting in increased conversions.

Social media strategy, content and management

Social media can be a key channel to drive awareness and engagement within your marketplace. Our team are experts in creating innovative social campaigns and content that drives engagement among your target market.

Development of new features

The team proactively look for new features or modifications to existing features that can be made to continually improve your site and increase user engagement. Innovative thinking is key here and this is exactly what we deliver.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is an essential to help attract, engage, and retain customers. We provide all areas of inbound marketing, including content, SEO, advertising, email, marketing automation and more, to raise awareness among your target market and drive business growth.

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February 2021

Thanks for all the support and hard work in delivering our new website. We’re already receiving fantastic feedback from our members on how much easier it is to use and navigate.

Alex Gorton - Assistant registrar - FFLM

Alex Gorton

Assistant Registrar

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine

April 2020

Granite 5 have been really responsive and pro-active throughout the project, and they delivered the new website within their estimated budget. They will continue to provide support and guidance to help us make sure we keep on top of emerging digital trends.

Will Strange - Marketing Manager - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Will Strange

Marketing and Digital Communications Manager

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Teamwork and transparency - the website improvement service from Granite 5

Teamwork & transparency

A website is much more than a brochure, portal, or shop. It’s also an important first impression, your reputation, or maybe your only chance to convert a new customer.

We understand your sites reliability, performance and availability are critical to your success. This is why we focus on providing excellent levels of customer service and complete transparency by providing all clients with:

  • Fast response times (agreed as part of your contract)
  • Direct access to the development team
  • 24/7 phone answering service
  • Mobile numbers for key contacts
  • Access to time reporting logs and uptime reports
  • Regular reviews and proactive recommendations
  • Client bible which includes technical documentation, CMS manual, regression test plan, spec, contacts, and more

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