Talking e-commerce site for blind entrepreneurs

A new e-commerce site, offering blind-friendly navigation for users with visual impairments, has gone live.

The site – – offers assistive technology for blind, visually impaired people and others who find reading a challenge.

The site showcases a wide range of affordable software and other products, which can be bought and paid for on-line.

The business is run by Peterborough couple Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, who are blind.

The new website has been built to work with screen-reading technology. Users can also choose bigger text options and an alternative colour scheme of the site, making it as accessible and easy to use as possible.

Importantly, products in the online shop can be easily updated by the couple thanks to E-Genius VIP, a special creative package developed by Granite 5.

This allows Internet users with little or no sight to build their own personal website or e-commerce site for trading on-line.

The package uses simple templates and Thunder screen reading technology and is aimed at individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

It has been built by Granite 5's senior developer Peter Davison, who has five per cent vision.

Said client Roger Wilson-Hinds: “One of the great things about working with Granite 5 is that you feel part of the team and not just a customer. This means that what you get is what you want because you are fully involved throughout the life cycle of your company website.”

• For more information on Granite 5 and e-Genius VIP, please contact Jill Davies at Granite 5, Unit 5, Valley Court Offices, Lower Road, Croydon, Royston. Tel: 01223 208008.