Changing your email password


To change your password, please visit the following link: and follow the step by step guide below.

  • Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner of the webmail window.

  • Click the Change Password link, located in the left pane.

  • In the Current Password box, enter your current password.

  • In the New Password box, enter a new password. Passwords must contain at least 6 characters. Passwords cannot contain:
    - 3 or more consecutive numerals (e.g., 567, 1234, 98765).
    - The word "password."
    - The mailbox user name.
    - The mailbox domain name.

  • In the Confirm New Password box, enter the same password you entered in the New Password box.

  • Click the Save button. You will see a confirmation message indicating that your new password was successfully changed and that webmail needs to reload.

  • Close any open webmail windows (such as unfinished emails, appointment or task windows, etc.), and then click the OK button. Webmail will reload automatically.

  • After changing the password, you will need to change it in your email client, e.g. Outlook, thunderbird etc.

If you have any problems or questions regarding changing your email password, please do not hesitate to contact us.

T: 01223 208008